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NeXus Group

A combination of some of the most powerful methodologies providing a penetrating look at the path-to-purchase of shoppers.

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The UnAccompanied Shop

The short-term working memory that handles much of our grocer shopping activity can only retain information for a maximum of just 18 seconds!

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How shoppers perceive a particular brand like yours, can literally be the difference between success or failure.

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Galvanic Skin Response

Track and measure shoppers' levels of arousal and attention to see how they react to promotions and pack designs.

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CSI Dashboard

At last, an easy-to-use, online dashboard giving you direct access to the data behind the latest shopper trends.

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In-Store Stand Out

Packaging is often designed with little thought to key aspects such as whether it still impacts on the shelf amongst 50,000 other products?

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Promotional Excellence

1 in 4 products in UK supermarkets are being promoted in some way or another. But why are some promotions much more effective than others?

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Psychology of Promotions

Retailers and brands consistently give away around 23% more during a promotion than they need to - why waste margin when you don't need to?

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On-line Interviewing

Need a large sample from a small budget - but still want to go beyond words? SBXL combine methodologies to deliver just that.

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Film-based Shopper Research

It's a startling fact that the human brain can only process a fraction of the information it receives from the eyes - estimated at around 5%.

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In-store Xtraviews

As little as 7% of human-to-human communication comes from the words we say to each other!

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You can't underestimate the importance of understanding shopper emotions because our decisions are based more on emotion than rationality.

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Emotional DNA

All brands have an emotional connection with their customers. Get it right and you sell more - wrong and sales decline or worse.

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Shopper Groups

Shoppers can't remember their product selection process in store, never mind at the exit or days later, so why bother with focus groups.

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Eye-Tracking as part of your Shopper Research

See what the shopper sees, understand what they are looking at, in their own natural store environment.

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Online Shopper Research

To better understand how shoppers engage with your brand online, look no further than online Shopper Research from SBXL.

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More and more retailers and brand organisations are recognising the phenomenal potential of Shopper Research. Getting inside the minds of those who select and reject products from shelves in stores is a powerful way to forge or grow share of market, optimise brand profitability and strengthen trading relationships.

Our esteemed clients, most who are household names, have discovered that there are rich rewards awaiting those who recognise and embrace shopper understanding as a cornerstone of their retail activity.

The inescapable truths of Shopper Research

  1. 95% of human decision-making happens below any conscious level
    So shoppers aren’t aware of most of what they do in-store
  2. Words represent just 7% of human-to-human communication
    Therefore most interview-based research methods miss 93% of what shoppers communicate
  3. The human short term working memory forgets after 18 seconds
    That's why shoppers forget most of what they did and why before even leaving the aisle
  4. Looking and seeing aren’t the same things
    Analysing what shopper's look at doesn’t reveal much at all about what they actually see

Our Shopper Research tools have been developed solely with the aim of helping our clients to get the best answers to their shopper research questions. Shopper Research is what we do and Shopping Behaviour Xplained is what we deliver, as our name suggests. Just because a company says it does research, doesn’t qualify it as being suitable to conduct Shopper Research.

SBXL - our results speak for themselves - it really is a 'no-brainer'!

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